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Bob’s carries birds that range from finches to macaws, including hand-raised, African grays. All of Bob’s birds are hand raised, not wild caught, and come with closed bands. Bob’s does not believe in importing wild caught birds. We also offer beak and nail trimming services as well as wing clipping for your feathered friends. We have the Best Birds for Sale in Queens NY.



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Pet birds can be affectionate, entertaining and loyal companions for a pet lover. There are many different species of birds that will thrive as pets, each of which may display markedly different personality traits.


Be sure the bird you choose is healthy. A sick bird is no bargain no matter what the price. By the time a bird shows any symptoms of disease, illness has usually become quite advanced. If a bird appears droopy, ruffled, tired or hides his head under his wing, this is not the bird for you. If he sneezes, sits on the bottom of the cage, has a discharge above his nostrils or droppings stuck to his tail feathers, there may be big problems. If he makes clicking sounds as he breathes or if his tail bobs, the bird may have serious respiratory disease and you should choose another individual.


What does your bird need? We now know that seed is not the only food needed by pet birds, and in fact, birds on a seed only diet, are very unhealthy. Only 50% of a bird's diet should be seed. Of the other 50%, fruits and vegetables are the most important. This is where he obtains vital minerals and vitamins.


Any bird in your home needs his wings trimmed unless he is an aviary bird. Concussions often occur when birds fly into windows or mirrors. Serious burns result from birds flopping into pots over stove flames. Many beloved birds fly out open windows or doors and are never seen again!